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Industrial Automation

The modern industrialist has myriad control systems, computers, robotics and information technologies at their disposal. Making effective use of these tools is paramount to success. Failing to properly implement them, however, is a recipe for certain disaster.

Whether you’re only just beginning to automate your industrial facility – or retrograding an existing facility into one with greater productivity and efficiency – Advanced Automation is here to help. Our experienced automation technicians are standing by to ensure that your operation remains viable in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Your scalability is our chief concern!

Integration & Product Migration

Many of our clients seek our assistance designing and installing brand new systems. We are grateful for the opportunity to join a promising enterprise on its ground floor, and give new ventures every technological advantage they need to excel in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Advanced Automation is equally qualified to improve existing systems. Our experienced technicians are able to quickly understand how any given system functions, which is crucial to discovering opportunities to enhance its efficiency.

Our meticulous study of existing systems is also essential to achieving our clients’ expansion goals. Some engage our services while they are integrating new elements into their system; others are planning to migrate a product or service from one platform, environment or market to another.

Whether your business strategy entails integration or product migration, our mission remains the same: to maximize productivity, minimize downtime, and otherwise apply our trade in a fashion which increases your bottom line.

Control Panels

As a UL-listed shop, you can trust Advanced Automation’s high-quality control panels to perform safely, reliably and efficiently under a broad range of circumstances. Whether you need a general purpose control panel, a more specialized solution, or a model that can withstand constant exposure to hazardous conditions, our expertly designed and manufactured control panels will fully satisfy the unique needs of your operation.

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Advanced Automation
Advanced Automation