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About Us

Headquartered in Dickinson, ND, Advanced Automation specializes in serving the multi-faceted needs of industrial facilities throughout the state of North Dakota. Our team of experienced technicians share over two decades of experience servicing industrial facilities in every sector, including manufacturing, energy production, refrigeration and telecommunications.

Our clients come to us for a number of different reasons. Some require our expertise at designing new industrial systems. Some reach out because they would like to incorporate state-of-the-art technology into their plans to expand or keep pace with their existing production needs. Others merely wish to ensure that their facilities are achieving peak productivity, and are receptive to whichever upgrades can help them achieve greater efficiency. No matter their needs, they rely on Advanced Automation’s seasoned technicians to deliver the custom solutions which fully satisfy them.

Our approach to automation is comprehensive. We understand that our clients are trying to excel in a fast-paced and competitive environment, and exceed their expectations through fast communication, unwavering commitment to safety, and high-quality work which stands up under the greatest degree of scrutiny. Our goal is to become more than another one of your facility’s contractors. We intend to become a partner you can fully rely on, regardless of the extent of your need for our services.

Whether you are incorporating automation systems into a facility that doesn’t currently include them, upgrading your facility’s existing automation systems, or uncertain whether your current automation system is sufficient for long-term growth, we welcome you to reach out to our team today. With better understanding of your unique needs, we will be prepared to advise how you can elevate your facility to the next level!

Advanced Automation
Advanced Automation