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Advanced Automation stands as the leading choice in North Dakota for industrial automation solutions, encompassing integration, product migration, and control panels.

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Advanced Automation provides expert solutions to all of North Dakota’s industrial and automation needs. Our experienced technicians share over 25 years of proven experience serving a broad range of industries, and we are standing by to ensure that your facility is geared toward success.

Our services include installing, wiring, programming and maintaining all types of industrial instrumentation. Many of our clients seek our expertise on pressure transmitters, level switches and guided radar level sensors. Many others request our aid integrating multiple devices into their existing industrial facilities, or designing a new system that encompasses all the best tools modern automation has to offer. Regardless of their complexity, our mastery of our craft guarantees your best solution to your automation needs.

Maintaining an efficient and productive facility demands ongoing scrutiny, regular upgrades, and a forward-thinking approach to accommodating growth and scalability. That’s why our team takes pride in forging ongoing partnerships with our clients. We’re here to give you the best solutions, always!

Why Choose Advanced Automation?


Time and tide wait for no one – especially in the industrial sector. We will prioritize your project from start to finish, and ensure you receive the ideal solution within the timeframe most conducive to your bottom line.


Our automation technicians share over a quarter century’s worth of experience. We have mastered every facet of industrial automation, integration, product migration, and control panel design during that time, and we have the practical skills we need to implement the best solutions at any type of facility.


No project is too simple or too intricate for our team to capably handle. However complex your needs may be, you are assured the high-quality solution when you engage North Dakota’s leading authority on industrial automation.

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Advanced Automation
Advanced Automation